CHG 408 – Charging Bay (8-BAY)

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The CHG 408 is is a charging bay that can charge eight WaveCAST or Digi-Wave devices simultaneously. Streamline your assistive listening rig with multi-charging and forget about having to fumble with battery swaps or messy cord tangles.

Key Features and Specification:

  • Two versions available that come with the assigned charging cables for your device:
    1. CHG 408 WF for WaveCAST (WF R1) comes with USB micro-B cables
    2. CHG 408 DW for Digi-Wave 400 Series (DLT/DLR 400) products come with USB C cables
  • Lightweight design, weighs .90 lbs (0.4 kg)
  • 18-20V DC Power Input
  • Charges 8 devices simultaneously
  • Approved for WEEE, RoHS, CE, FCC, IC, Japan
  • Accepts USB type A plugs, with a USB-C or with a micro-B plug that is able to connect to the device to be charged.
  • Single LED indicates power to the charger; no individual indicators.
  • Black and dark transparent plastic dividers available

Use with:

  • WF R1 WaveCAST Receiver (CHG 408 WF)
  • Digi-Wave 400 Series transceivers / receivers (DLT & DLR 400)