WF T5 – Wavecast Assistive Listening System


Looking for a Wi-Fi assistive listening transmitter for pro-audio applications? Then the WF T5 – Wavecast Assistive Listening System is a great fit. It’s constructed on a hardware-based DSP audio system architecture making audio streaming have the best quality experience. Hearing loss won’t be a problem, as this device provides the highest quality of hearing assistance, high-fidelity playback for optimized music, and a voice that can be edited for maximum speech intelligibility.

Key Features and Specification:

  • 16-bit DAC that gives a 48KHz sample rate for easy digital stream and minimal digital harshness
  • Works for both unicast and multicast network configurations
  • Up to four WaveCAST systems can be interlinked to the same Wi-Fi network to allocate multiple listening channels
  • Supports 45 users in unicast mode and 1500+ users in multicast mode
  • Weighs 3.0 lbs. (1.36kgs.)
  • New WaveCAST app available to use in Android or iOS
  • Selecting channels and volume level becomes easy once this device is connected to Wi-Fi
  • WaveCAST settings may be changed via either the front panel interface or hosted web interface

Ships with:

(1) WF T5 – Wavecast Assistive Listening System

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