Personal Amplifier and Telecoil Receiver – Pocketalker Ultra 2.0 from Williams Sound


Looking for a discrete personal assistive listening device? Something that will make it easier to hear conversations, television, and also allow you to access Telecoil broadcasts?

The new Pocketalker Ultra 2.0 personal amplifier from Williams Sound will transform your senses, allowing you to hear ultra high quality audio when and how you choose.

The sleek design combines two powerful microphones (one internal and one external) into an elegant, inconspicuous design. It also allows you to tune into Telecoil (T-coil) broadcasts that are provided in public facilities such as churches, movie theaters, and events centers.

How does it work? The Pocketalker 2.0 Ultra helps individuals with some degree of hearing loss by taking in and amplifying ambient sounds, clarifying them with advanced digital signal processing, and then transmitting them directly to the listener’s ears through the included headphones.

Now you can personally tailor your listening experience with the Pocketalker’s superior sound and unparalleled frequency range. Hear more of what you want, when you want it.

Features and Key Specs

  • Ergonomic, lightweight (3.1oz) design allows for extreme portability
  • Industry leading 5 year parts and labor warranty from Williams Sound (90 days on accessories)
  • Get up to 105 hours of listening time (using 2 AAA alkaline batteries)
  • Simple to use controls – no need for tech support at setup
  • Improved high and low end frequency response allows you to hear sound more naturally
  • Two microphones (one internal omnidirectional MEMS microphone, one external with windscreen)
  • Onboard tone control allows you to personalize the listening experience
  • Built-in balance control allows you to correct for differences in hearing between ears
  • Built-in T-coil loop allows you to hear telecoil broadcasts without needing a T-coil hearing aid or neckloop.
  • Includes BOTH stereo headphones and earbuds, allowing you to chose the most comfortable option for you.