IR-T1 Small Area Infrared Transmitter – Williams AV


Looking for a private and lightweight assistive listening solution for small to-medium sized rooms? With a range of 1,300 square feet, The IR-T1 transmitter from Williams AV is an ideal solution for medical clinics, private meeting rooms, small conference rooms, assisted living facilities, jury rooms, TV rooms and more.

Infrared broadcast technology uses invisible beams of light to transmit the audio feed to listeners equipped with compatible IR receivers. Because the light beams do not pass through walls, the signal stays private to your intended audience. The IR-T1 is energy efficient and can be powered by a single USB port (or the included AC adapter).

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Modern design blends into any environment without drawing unwanted attention. Dimensions: Width: 5.65”(14.4 cm), Depth: 3.65”(9.3 cm), Height: 1.15”(2.9 cm) which makes it no bigger than a book.
  • Extremely light (8.3 oz / 235 g), enables secure mounting on any type of surface.
  • Power-supply flexibility through either USB (directly from the TV for personal use or A/C for small venues and public spaces)
  • Instant use with the help of its existing, classic audio-jack (3.5MM) with 1-or-2 channel operation (2.3 and 2.8 MHz).
  • Audio presence is instantly detected and the device turns on automatically, allowing the user to gain access without any additional interaction with the device.
  • High energy efficiency with the help of its automatic shutdown function when audio is not detected for 12 minutes.
  • Adaptive USB to Micro USB cable which enables using the transmitter with any type of device (no upgrade needed).

Ships With:

  • Small area infrared transmitter – IR T1
  • Power supply – TFP 055
  • 6’ 3.5mm male-to-male, stereo audio cable – WCA 055
  • 6’ USB 2.0 to USB micro cable – WCA 106
  • 3.5 mm F to RCA adapter cable – WCA 124