WIR TX90 DC – Large Area Multi-Channel Infrared Transmitter – Williams AV


Looking for an infrared transmitter for use in a large area? The WIR TX90 DC – Large Area Multi-Channel Infrared Transmitter is a great fit for assistive listening applications in auditoriums, conference centers, and other indoor spaces where there is a direct line of sight between the emitter and listeners. The WIR TX90 DC combines modulator and emitter into a single operating unit, which minimizes costs, eliminates rack-space needs and makes the setup a breeze. Features pre-set applications for music, voice or hearing applications, simplifying setup.

Key Features and Specification:

  • A long-range infrared signal that focuses IR energy to one wide-listening area of up to 30,000 square feet (2,787 sq. m.)
  • Reduces susceptibility to radio and lighting interference by operating on 2.38-3.8 MHz bandwidth
  • Backwards-compatible with previous generations of Williams infrared equipment
  • No bulky wall-mount power supply
  • Includes transmitter that has two channels of selectable carrier frequencies: CH A 2.3/3.3 MHz or CH B 2.8/3.8 MHz.

Ships with:

  • IDP 008  ADA wall plaque
  • BKT 024  Wall/ceiling mount
  • TFP 053  Power supply
  • WIR TX90 DC  Transmitter
  • WCA 123  50’ DC power extension cable